Studying in Canada and US

Studying in North America

When studying in Canada or the United States, students will have the opportunity to receive world-class education, enjoy a comfortable social and reading environment, experience a new culture and lifestyle, and travel to beautiful natural scenery. Whether you return to China for development or stay in North America after graduation, we are sure that this experience of studying abroad will benefit you for life.

Onward provides high-quality services for Chinese students and parents in the application process for studying in Canada or the United States. From school planning, application to school, and admission to North America, we will arrange everything for you to ensure you will experience quality education and living in North America.

We will help you find the best education program:
• Our study abroad experts provide you with authentic and reliable school and professional information, school admission requirements, North American culture and life;
• We will work with you to develop a practical study abroad plan, assist you in choosing school and major, and preparing your application documents;
• We will help you prepare for a comprehensive interview, provide interview questions and skills, so that you can fully show your strengths during the interview process, and leave a deep impression on the interviewer;
• Before you fly to your top-choice school, we will provide you with more adaptive learning and living information in North America, including travel information, city information, language, education and cultural coping strategies;
• When students have just set foot in North America, they may encounter challenges that they have not experienced in China. We will provide on-site or telephone assistance that students need urgently. Onward can also help solve life and learning challenges while students are living in North America.