College and Career Planning

College and Career Planning for International Students in Canada

Studying and living overseas is an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also be a frustrating event you’ll want to forget. To a large extend, the success of your experience in North America will depend on your ability to adapt to new culture and build on realistic expectations.  As an international high school student or college junior in Canada, pursuing best possible higher education and career path in the future can be intimating.

The education consultants at Onward possesses unique expertise in college and career planning. We have in-depth understanding of the factors that can increase the prospective of a fulfilling and favorable experience as an international students  in North America.

For the students who enrolled in our College and Career Planning program, we will help them best advance your education and career in many ways.

Our Education Consultants will:

  • check and follow up the student's academic performance at school.
  • communicate with the student regularly as well as communicate with the school and teachers to best position the student.  
  • advise the student with course selection and extracurricular activities.
  • guide the student how to build relationships with the school, teachers, peers and communities in the North American approach.
  • address any problems and challenges the student may have with the school, home-stay family and any other parties.
  • counsel on personal issues and self development.
  • provide the student information and resources for the development of talents, passion and interests.
  • find volunteer work, internship opportunities or paid job for students.
  • cultivate students to build key characters such as self-confidence, openness, courage and resilience.
  • assess the student and recommend the best college, program and career path.
  • assist with college or job application.
  • organize activities sports and entertainment activities as a group.
  • report the student's progress and concerns to the parents / guardians.

Our best tailored college and career planning will help the student reach full potential and create the best value for our clients.