Preparation for Undergraduate Studies in the US

Preparation for undergraduate studies in the US involves complex process, high school graduates who want to enter the US university should start in grade 9 or 10. Specific preparations include:

  1. Understand the admission requirements of the United States university system and schools and initially determine the scope of schools that may apply.
  2. If possible, arrange a visit to the campus or attend summer courses at some universities in the US to get to know the US university atmosphere.
  3. Start getting into the habit of planning in an organized manner. The ability to learn and manage yourself is very important for you to successfully complete your studies at a US university.
  4. Set a schedule for language exams such as TOEFL, IELTS and standardized entrance examinations for American universities such as SAT. Find the right tutor or arrange a self-study program.
  5. Begin to draft the application essay during the summer break in grade 11. The quality of the essay very important to the application of American universities. Essay writing is a challenging process, from topic selection, completion to continuous revision.
  6. Decide the teacher who may write the letter of recommendation for you in the second semester of grade 11. Don't wait until the summer break or before you need to submit your application. You can start contacting your teacher and asking for a letter of recommendation before finishing grade 11. Strong recommendation requires lots of communication.
  7. Finalize the list of schools and EA/ED plan if applicable. Start application at the beginning of grade 12. At the same time to complete SAT, AP and other standardized tests.
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