About Us

Onward Education Consulting is a Canadian Federal Corporation based in Vancouver and Edmonton.

Our services include:

  • Provide personalized and comprehensive top US university admission preparation and counseling program. At Onward, we help students develop the strongest profile possible and best positions themselves to gain admission to their top-choice university.
  • Assist international students to locate educational programs in Canada and the US. We bring students to Canada and US for secondary and higher education including undergraduate and graduate studies.
  • At Onward, we understand studying overseas as an international student can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it also can be a frustrating event you will want to forget. We offer students counseling in many aspects as well as advise them on college and career planning.
  • We assign native English-speaking teacher to teach English in schools across China and online. We offer new and exciting career opportunities to qualified, skilled teachers from global English-speaking countries.

Our core objectives are to provide the best education plan for each student, to create the most promising future for the student to study and live in Canada and the US. Our services will enable students to fulfill their ambitions and aspirations.

We are committed to providing our services by the highest ethical standards of the industry. We live in our values: Respect, Integrity, Excitement and Excellence.

Respect: We are well aware of the ideological, financial and personal discrepancies. Understanding, accepting and respecting these fundamental discrepancies, we always act in the most susceptible and sensitive way to serve each individual client.

Integrity: Acting with great honesty, we adhere to the highest ethical standards and moral principles. We are consistent in our actions, values, methods and processes.

Excitement: We operate in a business we love and we have a great passion for what we're doing. Our ongoing success and proven achievements make our job more exciting and invigorating, providing us with the necessary motivation to stand out.

Excellence: We never stop learning, always striving for perfectionism. We never compromise on our performance and we're continuously working to improve. We regard excellence as an essential virtue that upholds our reputation and strong market positioning. 

Onward ensures you will receive the highest quality services that create greatest value!